Shark City

Release: September 10th, 2009
Director: Dan Eisen
Writer(s): Evan Shear, Justin L. Levine
Producer(s): Justin L. Levine
Cast: Corey Haim, Vivica A. Fox, Jefferson Brown, David J. Phillips, Carlo Rota, Tony Nappo
Category: Comedy
Running Time: 87 Minutes


Gambling and love seldom go together but when two best friends bet on love winning takes on a more complicated turn. Whilst one falls for the biggest mob bosses daughter, the other accidentally swindles this boss out of a million dollar stock deal. Between the loss of his money and his daughter, the two potentially face death and not even love can save them. The two have to result to their poker skills in order to get themselves back into the bosses good gracesand that is a gamble. Starring Corey Haim (THE LOST BOYS), Vivica A. Fox (KILL BILL 1, INDEPENDENCE DAY), Jefferson Brown (RUDE AWAKENING), David J. Phillips (THE BLACK SHELL), Carlo Rota (24), Tony Nappo (SAW II, IV,& V) in the comedy about getting lucky.

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