The Sex Trip

Release: TBD Director: Anthony G. Cohen Writer(s): Marc Prey, Anthony G. Cohen Producer(s): Anthony G. Cohen, Giovanni Gambino, Kenneth Ho Cast: Jade Ramsey, Louis Mandylor, Marc Crumpton Category: Comedy Running Time: 81 min. Description After

No Stranger Than Love

  Release: TBD Director: Nick Wernham Writer(s): Steve Adams Producer(s): Paul Fler Cast: Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin, Colin Hanks Category: Comedy/Romance Running Time: 89 min. Description What is stranger than the big hole that opens up i

The Shadow Within

  Release: TBD Director: Tiago Mesquita Writer(s): Mark Morgan Producer(s): Ross Otterman Cast: Lindsay Lohan Category: Horror Running Time:  Description In a world where supernatural creatures roam amongst us, KRISTY WOLFE, a tough private

The Rainbow Kid

Release: TBD Director: Kire Paputts Writer(s): Kire Paputts Producer(s): Kire Paputts Cast: Dylan Harman, Julian Richings, Nicholas Campbell, Neil Crone Category: Drama Running Time: 93 Minutes   Description Eugene, a young man with Down Sy


Release: TBD Director: Sean Garrity Writer(s): Jonas Chernick Producer(s): Jonas Chernick, Phyllis Lang Cast: Joey King, Kevin Pollak, Greg Bryk, Cle Bennett, Jake Epstein, Jonas Chernick Category: Drama Running Time: 103 Minutes   Description J

Never Let Go

Release: May 1, 2016 Director: Howard J. Ford Writer(s): Howard J. Ford Producer(s): Howard J. Ford Cast: Angela Dixon, Nigel Whitmey Category: Thriller Running Time: 93 Minutes Description A single mother on vacation takes the law into her ow