Carousel of Revenge

Release: July 21st, 2010
Director: Gene Teigland
Writer(s): James A. Kreitel, Gene Teigland
Producer(s): Patrick Nelson, Jillian Nodland, Gene Teigland
Cast: Tac Fitzgerald, Jim Detmar
Category: Thriller
Running Time: 103 Minutes


When Frank and his Uncle Bobby purchase the local amusement park of a “peaceful” resort town, they stir up guilt and suspicion among the locals over a murder and suicide the town would never forget. Soon, Frank is courting local beauty Jackie, who was also best friends with the murdered girl. As more and more questions about the past arise, some will protect themselves at any cost while others struggle to discover the truth of what happened. Above it all is Uncle Bobby, working the chords of guilt like a puppet master. Will the truth be revealed before his quest for revenge destroys the guilty and innocent alike?

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